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Mediajet - the cloud based delivery solution for broadcast content.

The MediaJet platform is a cloud based digital file delivery network that allows you to distribute broadcast quality video and media files from one point to many locations quickly and securely with full tracking and reporting capability. 

Mediajet explained in under 2 minutes

We understand broadcast content

MediaJet was designed and developed by a television production company in 2011 to facilitate their growing need to distribute their programming globally in a time critical transmission schedule. MediaJet is run by broadcast professionals, with over 15 years of experience of delivering multi-genre content to global broadcasters, partners and clients.

The Mediajet platform combines bandwidth optimisation technology with a tier 1 Global CDN, a simple and quick to use interface and an industry savvy service support team. In essence, we have combined the best technologies out there to create the ideal broadcast focused platform for content screening, delivery, tracking and administration.

Scalable and flexible

MediaJet is a stable, scalable platform which also offers flexibility for customisation. The system can be branded to match your current website, or as a standalone delivery portal. We can fully integrate with your current platforms or simply facilitate linking and click through functionality where required.

Fast and secure

Mediajet is up to 50 times faster than traditional ftp methods and is far more secure. We offer high levels of content and user security, complimented with tools for account administration and tracking by group and/or individual user level.


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