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Mentorn Media's output has a breadth and quality that ranks it as one of the UK's foremost producers. Established in 1985, Mentorn Media is one of the UK's longest established and biggest independent television production companies, making thousands of hours for broadcasters in the UK and worldwide.

Our offices in London, Cardiff and Glasgow produce programmes across a range of genres and we have built strong relationships of trust with institutions, government departments, businesses and members of the public who provide access. 

Question Time, The Big Questions, Traffic Cops and Motorway Cops are recognized long-running brands in the BBC's output, placing Mentorn Media as one of the largest suppliers in terms of hours to the BBC. We also produce the groundbreaking BBC Three current affairs studio show Free Speech

Mentorn also produces many successful returning series for other broadcasters, such as Freshers for ITV, Chicken Shop for Channel 4, World’s Scariest… for Channel 5 and An Idiot Abroad for Sky. Mentorn’s programming sells all around the world, with An Idiot Abroad alone being shown in more than 200 countries.

Mentorn Media's drama arm, Daybreak Pictures, continues to produce award winning scripted content, including such critically acclaimed works as Paula Milne’s The Politician’s Husband and Endgame, three Peter Kosminsky dramas Britz, The Government Inspector and The Promise, alongside the feature film Hyde Park on The Hudson starring Bill Murray. Daybreak Pictures’ Channel 4 comedy drama series Sirens has been remade successfully in the USA with two seasons and 23 episodes produced to date.

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Celia Taylor
Celia Taylor
Managing Director of Mentorn Media