The Tinopolis Group is an international media producer and distributor. In the UK it is one of the largest independent television suppliers to major broadcasters. We work in all genres -factual, entertainment, sport, drama and digital media. Our programmes are seen across the world and through our distribution company Passion Distribution we have a significant presence in the global media marketplace. In the USA we produce television programmes for all the top networks.

The Group brings together some of the most respected names in the TV production sector. Mentorn Media is the UK's most experienced factual producer. Sunset + Vine the country's leading independent sports producer. Daybreak is a multi-award winning drama supplier. Pioneer Productions has a global reputation for ground-breaking specialist factual programming. Firecracker Films is an outstanding high profile documentary maker. Tinopolis Wales/Cymru is the UK's largest regional independent. In the USA, A. Smith and Co. is a market leader in factual entertainment and BASE Productions makes cutting-edge factual and factual entertainment programmes.

The Group has invested heavily in the new media. We provide multiplatform programme support, as well as digital resources for the corporate and learning sectors.

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