Privacy Policy (the web site for Tinopolis Plc - trading as Tinopolis, company registration number 03832383, registered office Park street, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire SA15 3YE, VAT number 557 9589 67) is intended to provide information to clients, investors, partners and potential employees about our business, services and solutions.

Tinopolis gathers information from users of these web sites both automatically and when they complete online enquiry form or use the customer service facility. We routinely monitor the access logs and retain, on computer, a complete copy of this file and any associated electronic communications. We use cookies, linked to a 'known users' database to welcome repeat visitors and provide a more personal service. Details we store include all data collected by our cookie system & the IP address assigned to users that visit our web site (the IP address is provided by your Internet Service Provider and is used while you are online to route content to your PC, TV or mobile). This information is collected to facilitate the smooth and uninterrupted operation of our business, and is also used as one of our key service improvement monitors.

Confidentiality and privacy of the individual are very important to us. Tinopolis does not share any personal data we collect on our clients, hosted web sites, or users with any other parties.