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Firecracker Films task Dr Christian Jessen to test the Nation's urine in new one off special for Channel 5

11 February 2020 | Firecracker Films
Firecracker Films task Dr Christian Jessen to test the Nation's urine in new one off special for Channel 5

Dr Christian Jessen is returning to Channel 5 to front a brand new 90 minute special, The Great British Urine Test: The National Health Check.

Alongside Dr Amir Khan, Dr Christian aims to get a unique insight into the state of the nation’s health – using state of the art tests that will decode the secret messages in our urine.  In order to carry out the National Health Check, we placed ‘Pee Pods’ in four major cities, and invited members of the general public to participate.

Samples taken in these pods were run through a series of tests that will be able to tell us everything from how much we drink and what we’ve eaten, to how much air pollution we have absorbed.

The surprising results will show which city is drinking too much, which city can’t put down the fast food and which comes out the highest when it comes to drug taking. Intervention programmes will be prescribed to a number of ‘at-risk’ participants who we will revisit at the end of the programme to see if their health has improved.

Elspeth O’Hare, Creative Director at Firecracker Scotland commented: ‘It is extraordinary what we can now tell about our health and lifestyle from our pee; from early signs of cancer and markers for pollution to how much booze we’ve drunk and what we’ve eaten in the last week. We loved working with Dr. Christian Jessen and Dr. Amir Khan who used their expertise, empathy and humour to bring this ground breaking science to life.’

Commissioning Editor, Dan Louw added: ‘I was shocked when I found out that we’ve all been flushing away a vital diagnostic tool that could stop us from getting ill. We laughed when we first thought about doing this show, but I’ve been genuinely inspired by the incredible science being done in this area which actually has the power to change the way we think about our bodies.’

The Great British Urine Test is produced by Firecracker Scotland, with Executive Producer Elspeth O’Hare, Series Producer Jennifer Gilroy and Producer Director Joe Sharp. The show was commissioned by Dan Louw at Channel 5.