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Passion Distribution announces Autumn slate of programming and launch of pop-up market

25 September 2020 | Passion Distribution
Passion Distribution announces Autumn slate of programming and launch of pop-up market

London, Friday 25th September - Leading UK distributor Passion Distribution has acquired a slate of over 100 hours of premium factual programming bolstering its slate of documentary series and standalone documentaries ready to be launched this autumn. Passion Distribution will be showcasing its new slate though its online Pop-Up Market Autumn 2020 edition which launches Tuesday 29th September. 

Headlining the factual slate is the ambitious, landmark six part documentary series 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (6 x 120’) commissioned by Channel 5, sees UK producers Middlechild, Lambent Productions and Raise The Roof Productions work together as equals using archive, contemporary footage and expert analysis to tell the stories of six countries. 

AMERICA: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’) depicts America’s defining historical moments and explores the incredible story of how this remarkable country was formed and became the powerhouse we see today home to 327 million people and the centre of global capitalism. Produced by Middlechild Productions. AUSTRALIA: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’) traces the countries aboriginal origins and the first European landing through to rapid urban expansion, extensive mining of natural resources, and the tourism boom. This has created huge wealth but may also have contributed to the colossal climate change challenges the country now faces. Produced Middlechild Productions. CHINA: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’), uncovers the surprising truth about what made ancient China so dominant, and the extraordinary story of its near-collapse, before its recent resurrection to global superpower status. Produced by Lambent Productions. RUSSIA: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’) reveals the secrets of the long line of Tsars that laid the foundations for Lenin’s revolution, and the subsequent spy drama of the Cold War, right up to Putin and his assault on Western democracy. Produced by Lambent Productions. IRELAND: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’) From the legendary hero Brian Boru, through centuries of royal battles and ending with the story of the modern-day success of Ireland’s peace process and a booming economy. Produced by Raise The Roof Productions. SCOTLAND: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’) From the tension and rivalries that threatened to tear it apart centuries ago to the present day Scotland; a major player both economically and politically in Europe..  Produced by Raise The Roof Productions. 

From Wildbear Entertainment comes two documentary series BEYOND OUR EARTH (6 x 60’) and COLD WAR: THE TECH RACE (4 x 60’).  BEYOND OUR EARTH (6 x 60’) is an exploration of our journey to conquer space and understand the very fabric of the cosmos. The series uses technical animations, advanced stills treatment, archive, and a team of expert interviews to bring to life the wonders of space like never before. COLD WAR: THE TECH RACE (4 x 60’) tells the story of the war’s most influential front: the race for scientific supremacy. It was a war that brought the world to the brink of destruction. But from under the looming threat of mass annihilation came some of our most incredible scientific and engineering achievements. 

In documentary series DANUBE: AGAINST THE FLOW (8 x 60’) journalist Nick Thorpe explores how the Danube River is central to the idea of Europe. It flows through a continent of communities often struggling with illness, war, climate change, but also all the fruits of peace. Produced by Spot Productions for AMC Networks Central & Northern Europe. 

Documentary THE NAZIS OF NUREMBERG (1 x 190’) produced by Middlechild Productions for Channel 5, marks 75 years since the "greatest trial in history".  This compelling documentary, using archive, and recently recovered, newly digitised filmed material from the trial, follows the twists and turns of the courtroom drama and tells the story of the most incredible war crimes trial the world has ever seen in a way that will keep audiences gripped to the end.

GYPSY EVICTION: THE BATTLE FOR DALE FARM (1 x 60’) reveals how in 2011, local government officials attempted the biggest ever eviction of gypsies and travellers in British history. The documentary captures the drama first hand, going behind the barricades to witness the moment the bulldozers came in. 

Passion Distribution’s slate also features two documentaries reflecting the ongoing global pandemic. In HOW TO AVOID A SECOND WAVE (1 x 60’) Dr Xand van Tulleken and Dr Guddi Singh meet the experts and scientists at the heart of the fight against the virus, including scientists, frontline staff, testers and tracers, modellers, epidemiologists and the Government.  Produced by Parable for Channel 4. SOUTH KOREA: THE COUNTRY THAT BEAT THE VIRUS (1 x 60’) reveals how a country only 800 miles from Wuhan where the Coronavirus pandemic seems to have started, has beaten back the virus and life has largely returned to normal. Filmed in hospitals, testing centers and laboratories at the heart of South Korea’s struggle against Coronavirus, and with interviews with top South Korean politicians and scientists. Produced by Quicksilver for Channel 4. 

Factual Entertainment series TOP 100 WEATHER MOMENTS (5 x 60’) counts down the top 100 weather moments, the biggest storms and the most iconic, memorable weather events in history. The series also features pivotal historical events caused and effected by weather including The Hindenburg, the titanic, D-day invasion, the challenger disaster and the Tenerife plane crash. Produced by The Weather Channel for The Weather Channel.

Lifestyle series KATE HUMBLE: MY LITTLE FARM (4 x 60’) is a brand-new series packed with fun, escapism and enthusiasm for living a self-sufficient life in the countryside. 

Returning series include EMMA WILLIS: DELIVERING BABIES S2 (9 x 60’) and STACEY DOOLEY SLEEPS OVER S2 (6 x 60’) both series are produced by Firecracker Films for UKTV’s W Channel. INSIDE THE FORCE S2 (16 x 60’) produced by Mentorn Media for Channel 5. Also Twice The Life for Half the Price S2 (8 x 60’ + 4 x 60' revisits) produced by raise The Roof and Motion Content Group for Channel 5. 

Fresh off its record Emmy wins World of Wonder produced RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE returns for Season 13, alongside RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE ALL STARS (S6) and RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE ALL STARS (S6) UNTUCKED. Other titles from World of Wonder include THE VIVIENNE TAKES HOLLYWOOD (6 x 15’) produced for BBC Three and WOW Presents Plus, GOD SHAVE THE QUEENS (8 x 30’) produced for WOW Presents Plus and HOW'S YOUR HEAD, HUN? WITH MICHELLE VISAGE (8 x 30’) produced for BBC Three. 

Passion Distribution’s Pop-Up Market Autumn 2020 will launch on Tuesday 29th September. The online Pop Up Market follows Passion’s successful launch of its own online offering in Spring 2020. The Passion Distribution Pop Up provides a dedicated online space for clients to access Passion’s latest shows, express interest and follow up directly with the sales team.